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Fareed Zakaria's story isn't over: Today, the Time columnist and CNN host has resigned his position from the Yale Corporation, the university's governing board, a day after telling the The New York Times he was re-evaluating his busy schedule. "My service at Yale is the single largest commitment of time, energy, and attention outside of my writing and television work,"  Zakaria wrote in a letter to Yale President Richard C. Levin, which was picked up by The New Haven Register. "[B]ut I simply do not have the capacity to do it and keep up with my main professional obligations."

 Zakaria's work came under intense scrutiny after he admitted to lifting a paragraph from The New Yorker and it was insinuated that his busy schedule seemed to be part of the reason behind his "lapse," which he described as copying his notes wrong. As The New York Times' Christine Haughney reported yesterday, Zakaria had specifically mentioned he was going to cut back with the Yale Corporation as well as the Council on Foreign Relations.


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