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Warner Brothers very correctly thinks it would be "insensitive" for them to report their box office numbers for The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, so instead they're delaying announcing their returns until Monday out of respect for the victims of the tragedy in Colorado

The studio released a statement late Friday evening saying they were going to put off reporting the numbers for the summer's biggest movie out of respect for the 12 people killed, and more injured in yesterday's shooting.

Traditionally the studio would be updating us about the movie's performance, and likely celebrating, throughout the weekend, but instead they're going to release the news in one lump sum on Monday morning. The movie is expected to be a huge financial hit for the studio, with many professional and unprofessional estimators assuming it would be one of, if not the, biggest box office openings of all time.

A studio insider told The Hollywood Reporter it would be "insensitive" for the company to report the numbers. In a separate report, THR says rival studios and Rentrak, the company that collects box office data for the studios, might follow Warner Bros' lead and not report this weekends numbers. It's expected The Dark Knight Rises took in somewhere around $90 million on Friday, putting it on track to be in the top three opening weekends of all time. 

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