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Business Insider is the Internet's undisputed king of breathless stock market analysis. But with the site's frequent deployment of superlative diction (for example, "DEMOLISHED," "DESTROYED," "EXPLODES"), it's sometimes difficult to differentiate bad news from really bad news or good news from great news. Thus, we offer the Business Insider Verb Translator: A breakdown of our favorite BI market-moving verbs alongside their statistical corollaries in the market world. Here's what we've gathered based on analysis from the last two years:

If the stock is performing poorly

The stock is performing well

In sum, while verbs like "EXPLODES" and "GETTING DESTROYED" are a fairly accurate indicator that a large market swing is in the works, if you're using this market news for business purposes (and really, if you're not, why are you reading about stock prices?), you're probably going to need to click through to the article given the vast range of spikes and slumps. In the meantime, we welcome a tighter Business Insider house style guide for "GETTING CREAMED" vs. "DEMOLISHED."

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