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As if every inch of the London Olympics weren't already awash in corporate advertising, a British chain of opticians has found a new marketing opportunity: London Olympics gaffes. Or at least one very public gaffe, in which the South Korean flag was mistakenly displayed while North Korea's women's soccer team was introduced in Glasgow Wednesday. Seeing an opportunity, Specsavers, a contact lens and glasses seller, has taken out advertisements in national newspapers suggesting the Olympics official should've visited them for an eye exam before the game, reports Reuters' Alan Baldwin. (Image comes via of RetailWeek):

The company's regular tagline, used in commercials featuring embarrassing cases of mistaken identity, is 'Should have gone to Specsavers'.

Now that we think of it, the affairs of North Korea appear to be fertile marketing territory for advertisers around the world. Earlier this week, the international gossip surrounding dictator Kim Jong-Un's love life was exploited in an ad for the publicity savvy infidelity website 

Hey, whatever sells, right?

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