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The New Yorker announced an unsurprising purchase on Tuesday evening. The magazine has absorbed the Borowitz Report to be part of a new humor page on their website. 

Comedian Andy Borowitz, who has been writing fake articles for his website since 2002, announced the purchase in his first post for The New Yorker late Tuesday evening: 

After eleven years of writing nothing but fake news at the Borowitz Report, I have to tell you something that actually happened.

I’m excited to announce that The New Yorker has acquired the Borowitz Report. Starting today, the column will be moving to its new home at

Politico's Dylan Byers reports the Report is going to be the center piece of a new humor page on the New Yorker's website that will also feature the magazine's Shouts & Murmurs essays, as well as other blogs. 

The move isn't totally unexpected. Borowitz started as a contributing writer for The New Yorker in 1998, three years before he even started the Report. He's written humor essays for The New Yorker for over a decade, while the Report existed in its own home away from home. Now all of Borowitz's stories will appear on, a move he says would have made his mother happy: 

My mom, Helen Borowitz, who died this month at the age of eighty-three, loved The New Yorker all her life and introduced me to it when I was a little boy. Seeing the Borowitz Report at The New Yorker would have made her so happy. I dedicate all my columns to her memory.

Borowitz promised readers the Report wouldn't be upheld by the legendarily strict fact checking rules The New Yorker is known for. The one thing he isn't allowed to do? Per orders from New Yorker editor David Remnick, Borowitz "can write whatever I want as long as I don’t make fun of Malcolm Gladwell." 

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