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Irvin Goldman, who oversaw risks at JPMorgan until those risks led to a $2 billion $5.8 billion loss in May, has officially left the firm, all this on a big news day (Friday the 13, indeed) for the bank. The firm, which reported its earnings this morning, gave revised figures for the total amount lost, and trader Bruno Iksil, the so-called London Whale, left

"Irv asked to leave the company. He's behaved with integrity and we wish him well," says the firm's statement, according to Reuters. Goldman had already been put on leave in May, but now he joins high ranking officials like Ina Drew, Iksil, and several London managers who oversaw the trades, all of whom have left since the losses became public.

Of course, all these high-level exits are especially interesting since they come as speculation grows that the biggest name of all, JPMorgan's CEO Jamie Dimon, should or will resign. (Daily Intel's Kevin Roose, for one, has the counter-argument.)

Goldman, Reuters reports, took over in February, right when troubles with the problematic portfolio got worse. Even so, he probably won't be pulling something like publicly blaming his predecessor, Barry Zubrow, who was in the chief risk officer position during which time a lot of the risky business got started. The two are brothers-in-law.

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