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If you look at the amount of time between iPhone releases in the past, you get an average of 298 days, according to numbers complied by MacRumors. Well, we hit that landmark. It has now been 301 days since the release of the iPhone 4S.  It is now okay to whine.

Since the release of the first iPhone, Apple has been launching new ones later and later, as you can see in the graph. The 3GS came out 333 days after the 3G, and the 4, arguably one with the greatest changes, took even longer with a 381 day wait. The past three updates have pumped the average number of days up. It makes sense for Apple. Long waits further hype the product.

Smartphone users waiting for the new iPhone to upgrade may be in luck. This time around, rumors about a September 12 debut and September 21 release circulated Monday. If September 12 is true, that would put the next iPhone at 344 days since the last one, which is way better than the amount of time between the 4 and 4S. Apple waited 467 days before revealing that one.

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