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The Denver Post's television critic Joanne Ostrow reported on Thursday that news outlets were paying for exclusive interviews with Aurora victims and witnesses, but the only one she named was Entertainment Tonight, which doesn't appear to have gotten much for its supposed money. The longrunning syndicated Hollywood news show made an exclusive arrangement with the family of Torrence Brown Jr., who was in the theater that night, Brown's father told the Post. But Brown is also the one who filed the first lawsuit in relation to the shooting, so his story will presumably be available through that complaint. ET does appear to have gotten a major exclusive with Brown so far: An interview available on the show's the website (and embedded below) has Brown describing how the shooter wedged the theater's emergency door open with his foot, tossed in some kind of gas bomb, then walked in and opened fire. But lots of networks got interviews with witnesses, most of whom told similar stories. Brown spoke as a source exclusively to ET, but that certainly doesn't mean the story was an exclusive.

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