A Jesuit Priest Leaves Syria, Heart Attacks Can Cause PTSD

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Top Stories: Syrian rebels are receiving arms purchased by Arab states, and the U.S. is divvying up the weapons. Football is approaching a make-or-break moment when it comes to dealing with head injuries.  Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is finally protected by a vastly upgraded system of levees, flood gates, and pumps.

Business: NBC lays the groundwork to replace Ann Curry on Today.

World: Syria expells a Jesuit priest, a passionate reformer who spoke against violence. The leaders of Egypt's revolution are learning the hard way that they never really undid the power structure built by ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Science: Air conditioners are taking off in developing countries and it's not helping the global warming crisis.

Health: You can get post traumatic stress disorder from a heart attack. Suleika Jaouad describes her fight with cancer.

Technology: EBay is building a data center that will run on alternative energy.

Business: Europe awaits a Greek election this weekend that could send shockwaves across the whole continent.

Opinion: Nick Kristof explores the fun, impulsive side of Iranian youth.

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