Huffington Post's Sideboob Vertical Is Fake, But Speculatron Is Still Real

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Imagine the dismay of pubescent males everywhere when Arianna Huffington told The Guardian today that her site's new Sideboob vertical is actually just a joke. The apparently necessary admission came as blogs and Twitter users took the new vertical, which features fleeting images of celebrity breasts, at face value today. "Decline of Western Civilization #248: The HuffPo has a whole section dedicated to 'sideboob,'" tweeted writer Dave Mandl. "HuffPo has an entire site devoted to sidebewb," exclaimed the Daily What. Not so, says the Greek web maven—at least in any serious sort of way. 

"This was put together by our comedy team in response to a segment on Jon Stewart," Huffington told The Guardian's Ruth Spencer today. "Sorry if the context wasn't clear." Stewart, of course, took a jab at the site earlier saying when he's on vacation, the only thing he keeps up on us sideboob watching. "That's why obviously I read the Huffington Post, my one-stop source for all things sideboob." Way to one-up the joke, HuffPo. 

Of course,you can't really blame anyone for falling for the prank: This is, after all, is the same site that has real-life and totally serious verticals like Celebrity SkinSpeculatron 2012, and Divorce. Either way, we're keeping our hopes up for the launch of the Huffington Post's Animal Misogyny vertical.

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