Good Riddance, Offensive GoDaddy Commercials

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Go Daddy announced they've hired an advertising company for the first time in seven years so they can move away from the advertising style that made the company famous, but so many people hated. 

In an interview with the New York Times, Go Daddy founder and former CEO Bob Parsons announced the company's hiring of an advertising firm to handle their commercials, instead of producing them in house like they've been doing for seven years. Originally, Go Daddy's offensive advertising style was one of many reasons people despised the company. Parsons compared the old era of scandalous ads to "a frat boy," who's graduating and about to mature. How timely! "We’ve grown up now," Parsons told the Times. "We’re always going to be GoDaddy, but be GoDaddy in a different way."

The poor company tasked with rebranding the company's tarnished ad reputation? Deutsch New York, whose west coast affiliate in L.A. made the awesome Star Wars ads for Volkswagen. When we reviewed this year's Super Bowl commercials, we called this Volkswagon one "an instant classic":

Go Daddy made itself famous for ads like this:


So whatever the Deutsch New York office can produce is going to be a step up from what they were offering before. The girls aren't gone completely, though. They're still going to be around, but they'll be used in a different way. "We leverage the power the girls have brought to the table," Val DiFebo, chief executive at Deutsch New York, explained to the Times, "and give the technology behind the company its fair share of the stage." We'll take any improvement we can, even if it's just baby steps.

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