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Updated: They got their money! With the help of more than 500 backers and a little help from porn star James Deen, GOOD's fired editors have raised their $15,000 goal need to publish an issue of Tomorrow​ magazine. Three weeks ago, a group of editors let go from GOOD  Tim FernholzAnn Friedman,Megan GreenwellAmanda HessCord JeffersonDylan C. LathropZak Stone, and Nona Willis Aronowitz — announced that they wanted "to make at least one more magazine together."  From the looks of the Kickstarter page they put up just a few hours ago, they've raised $12,004 $13,330 the full $15,000 they need for the project.

"For the next month, we will crash on one issue of a magazine. No salaries, no health care, no ergonomic office chairs," reads the fundraising page. "No foundation grants, no advisory boards, no independently wealthy vanity investors—for now, at least. That means no filler, no product placement, no luxury gift guides. It means we won’t be afraid to publish things that are complicated or sexy or weird... the kinds of things that might just get you fired." That's a great sell. And apparently it was enough to bag some dough from The Washington Post's Ezra Klein

"Almost at 13 grand, and it's only been up for about four hours," editor Cord Jefferson wrote us shortly before 4 p.m. today (the fund is now at $13,775). " I think this means, at least partially, that people liked what we were doing before and are excited to see what we can produce now, with fewer constraints. A vote of confidence is always nice; now we're eager to respond to people's leaps of faith with a great magazine for them to enjoy.

The first takeaways from the Kickstarter donations is that people like animated GIFs and totes more than porn and dating advice. While $500 buys a "PG-13 phone message" from porn star James Deen and $250 gets dating profile tweak from Amanda Hess--both rewards are still unclaimed. But people are really interested in getting one of their personal life events blogged in animated GIF form by editor Ann Friedman for $250. Oh, and people really like totes. Totes.

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