CNN Reportedly Closing in on Mashable Purchase

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The acquisition rumors from March are back, and if they're true it looks like CNN's finally closing in on a purchase of technology news site Mashable.

Of course, that's based only on one report so far, from Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson, who bases his information on two unnamed sources. The latest, according to Carlson, is that Mashable has conducted a financial audit and sent the results to CNN parent Turner Broadcasting. "A second source close to Mashable confirms that executives have been working on a deal with CNN. This source speculates that the deal is 80% likely to close," writes Carlson. The last rumor, in March, had CNN mulling a $200 million price tag, but with the networks recent ratings setbacks, we're wondering how realistic that is. But let's not forget, CNN won't just be buying a tech news site, it will be going into business with Mashable's camera-ready founder Pete Cashmore, featured this week in  The New York Times' list of the most eligible tech bachelors. That's got to be worth a pretty penny right there.

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