Analyst: The New York Times Will Be Okay... in 2014

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If you were longing to see the day when The New York Times was going to stop hurting and start making enough gains in subscribers  to offset its ad losses, so that you could tell your media pundit friends that newspapers aren't dead, you may want to clear your calendar in 2014. Sure, five consecutive quarters of revenue decline for America's paper of record is a tough fact to live with if you care about newspapers, but this two year estimate is actually good news (for a change) about future of the news business.

AllThingsD's Peter Kafka has the report featuring research by Barckay's Kannan Venkateshwar that offers a timeframe for The Times' success, stating "One day, not that far away, the New York Times’ growing subscriber base will make up for its shrinking ad business. That will happen in the middle of 2014 ... when circulation growth at the paper will start offsetting the decline in The Times’ ad sales. Kafka goes on to explain,  "True, one reason that circ growth will lap ad losses is that the losses will be slowing after much steeper declines ... Meanwhile, the paper seems relatively confident that raising the pay wall equals marketing the pay wall. And the nice thing about the system the paper has built is that if it doesn’t work, it can fiddle with the controls some more."  

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