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Work and life are often difficult to balance, but Bloomberg makes it even harder with two seemingly opposing stories this week.

Tuesday, Bloomberg Businessweek's Venessa Wong touted the wonders of a desk that pulls down into a secretive twin bed. "It’s the perfect solution for a sleep-deprived broker or lawyer," she writes. "Though sleeping in the office really can cut into time at home." Understatement?

Meanwhile, hours later, Bloomberg News published a good read about the efforts at Boston Consulting Group to reverse a cycle of overworked employees, called "How to Stop Sleeping with your Smartphone." (Something The Atlantic Wire has written about, too.) "Change like that is easier said than done, particularly at a management consulting firm like BCG. When consultants aren't working 16-hour days, they're tethered to the job through e-mail," writes Bloomberg's Ben Steverman.

Maybe snoozing at your desk is the way to solve that sleeping with your smartphone problem: You can finally turn off that iPhone, Android, or Blackberry and sleep with your landline instead.

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