Andy Coulson's Phone Hacking Came From Inside the Building

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Well, this is embarrassing. Apparently voicemail hacking at News of the World during Andy Coulson's tenure as the paper's top editor was so rampant, even his own voicemails were hacked. You'd think someone at the top of that hacking pyramid would be immune from the hacks themselves, right? Wrong.  

According to The Guardian's Josh Halliday, "Voicemails left by Andy Coulson for the aide to former Labour home secretary Charles Clarke are believed to be among those allegedly hacked."  Since 2007, Coulson has flipped and flopped about his knowledge of the phone hacking--ranging from not knowing a single thing about it, to knowing about the hacking, to stepping down from his post-News job as media advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron amid claims that he sanctioned hacking during his tenure. Of course, the ultimate twist would be Coulson knowing and condoning the hacking of his own voicemails--but so far he and his reps haven't spoken about today's revelation. 

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