Will Marty Peretz Ever Write for The New Republic Again?

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Politico's Dylan Byers has maybe finally answered the question on many regular New Republic readers' minds as soon as they heard that Facebook's Chris Hughes had purchased the political biweely from Marty Peretz: Would Peretz keep blogging there? 

According to a TNR spokesperson who spoke to Byers, Peretz "is not currently contributing to the magazine" which Byers takes as P.R.-speak for "no." The former owner, who regularly contributed to the magazine and website, and whose strident views on the Middle East have been met with some, uh, contention over the years, will serve only on TNR's advisory board for now. Along with the tearing down of the paywall last month, this could represent a big shift for the publication, because Peretz has been quite a presence there since 1974 when he first bought it. If he doesn't get to write anymore, what will his critics do with their time?

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