Rupert and James Murdoch To Not Know Things at New Leveson Hearing

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If this father-son News Corporation duo's responses during last year's parliamentary hearings are any indication, hack-gate watchers shouldn't expect to learn very much. The BBC reports that, "Rupert Murdoch will be questioned about practices at his British newspapers in the light of the phone-hacking scandal that resulted in the closure of News of the World." Questioning is one thing. Answering is quite another.

Sure, things are a little different now that James has resigned as chairman of News International and seen his power stripped in the U.K., but, we're not betting that will make the younger Murdoch miraculously remember all the details he and his father forgot when they were questioned in July. Just take a look at the last time these two were asked about the goings on at News International, and search for the multiple "I don't know" responses littered on that transcript. So, yes, good luck with the questioning, Levenson inquirers!

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