New York Times Makes It Rain for One Lucky Writer

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Just imagine the audacity it took for The New York Times' Kevin Roose to propose a story in which he lives like a billionaire for a single day. Then imagine his joy when editors actually approved the story.

Roose has a post in Dealbook detailing his day as a mega-rich man. He writes that he's looking to understand why, in the time of Occupy, our fascination with the über-wealthy remains so high. (We imagine he was also looking to have a really awesome day at work.) We especially enjoyed the moments when, even with the help of experts he enlists, he can't help looking like a total billionaire newbie:

I’m outfitted for the day in a navy pinstripe suit, picked out by Clifton C. Berry, who outfits Wall Street workers with his own line of bespoke menswear. It’s probably the best I’ve looked all year. But I’m way overdressed for a meeting with the billionaire, who is wearing a sweater, jeans and sockless loafers.

Anyway, this blogger is off to file his next story proposal about the trials of owning a home in Bermuda. They'll approve that expense report right? 

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