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The Washington Post must have offered John Temple a pretty sweet gig to get him to leave gorgeous beach paradise Hawaii for swampy inland Washington, D.C. Temple will be the Post's managing editor, Politico's Keach Hagey reports, and focus more on local news than his predecessor, Raju Narisetti, whose responsibilities included remaking the website, digital innovation, and the Style and Weekend sections. A former editor of the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News, Temple is editor of the Honolulu-based news site Civil Beat. Honolulu: a place where it's okay to wear shorts. The nation's capital: a place where you want to wear shorts because it's so terribly humid but you're expected to wear wool blazers, because of the British, or something. Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli told staffers "John is a journalist and leader of exceptional talent, whose experience is an ideal fit for the role he’s taking on. He’ll oversee the departments that predominantly serve our local market… The new leadership structure aligns the Newsroom with our broader strategy of being the indispensable guide to Washington, both for people who live in this region and for those who want to understand it as the world’s seat of power."

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