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Politico reported Wednesday that the Bloomberg View editorial criticizing Greg Smith's op-ed -- the one that Michael Bloomberg thought so highly of -- was written by Bloomberg columnist Michael Kinsley. Smith's resignation-cum-New York Times op-ed about the dishonest practices he saw during his time working for Goldman Sachs got a lot of media coverage, and when Bloomberg admiringly singled out Bloomberg View's editorial as the only news coverage that dealt with the story responsibly, he got some snickers for talking up an outlet that oh-just-so-happens to be his namesake. The editorial was simply signed "The Editors," but Bloomberg attributed it to a single person when he said, "I thought the guy that wrote it had it exactly right. He said, Surprise surprise, Goldman is not the Make-a-Wish Foundation." 

"The guy" we now learn, thanks to Politico's Dylan Byers, is Kinsley, a former New Republic editor, columnist at a bunch of publications (including once The Atlantic Wire's editor-at-large) who recently moved to Bloomberg View. "I didn't know it would be such a big deal when I wrote the piece," Kinsley told Byers. "I just read Smith's piece and thought it was funny." Based on the editorial, Kinsley seems to mean "funny" in that "we're laughing at you not with you" way as it ridiculed Smith for acting naive about the profit-driven practices of an investment bank. In retrospect, we do notice that the unsigned editorial had the "intolerance for buffoonery" tone of much of Kinsley's work.

When Kinsley moved to Bloomberg, media critic Jack Shafer (then at Slate, now at Bloomberg competitor Reuters) remarked that he'd yet to force Mayor Bloomberg to suffer any sort of withering analysis. "I'm not worried that Kinsley won't enrage Bloomberg eventually. Which boss hasn't he offended in his career?" Shafer wrote. Well, if Kinsley does, at least he'll have this to point to on the other side of the ledger.

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