Rupert Murdoch Brightens Every Newsroom He Enters

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Forget a new paint job or replacing the carpeting: If your newsroom needs some freshening upjust have Rupert Murdoch stop by for a visit. Newspaper bullpens are notoriously unpleasant places filled with pasty faced writers curled over their crumb-dusted keyboards under unflattering fluorescent lighting. But bring in Rupert Murdoch, and he can make newsroom habitues seem healthy and sun-kissed in comparison. For decades the scandal-plagued media mogul has been a breath of fresh, rich air in newsrooms.

Need proof: Take this image of Murdoch visiting The Sun today (tweeted by The New York Times' Ravi Somaiya with the joke, "Prepare your captions"). Doesn't he make everyone look so happy and confident that their new Sunday edition will be a hit

Today's Sun photo op is just the latest example of  Murdoch brightening up an otherwise dreary newsroom.

Back in December 2007 when Murdoch acquired The Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones & Co. for $5 Billion, he stopped by the Journal's newsroom and made a cheerful printer paper box top speech. Look at everyone crossing their arms and looking down at the ground in approval of their new boss.

In January, 2001 Murdoch visited the Shanghai Daily (his wife, Wendi Deng, is visible in the background) and appeared ready to Vulcan mind meld with one worker. Look at those smiles all around!

In November, 1983, after he purchased The Chicago Sun Times for $90 million in cash, Murdoch swung by the newsroom. According to the AP caption, Murdoch is in the center-background of the picture right behind Marshall Field V. who sold the paper. (If only he had some boxes to stand on he'd be visible.) Have you ever seen a happier bunch of hacks?

Photos via Twitter, AP and Reuters.


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