Jack Abramoff to 'Repair Our Democracy' With New Blog

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Jack Abramoff's transformation from corrupt lobbyist to anti-corruption evangelist is complete. Or at least he's taken a significant step in that direction, having joined the team of a new anti-corruption blog that launched Friday, called Republic Report.

In his first post, which went up around noon, Abramoff sounded like a reformer coming at his new cause with the zeal of a convert: "There is a rising tide of outrage in our land about the abuse in our system. Sadly, in my former life as a lobbyist, I participated in this dysfunctional and byzantine world. But now, in these pages, and with my other efforts, I intend to do what I can as we all attempt to repair our democracy." Abramoff's already taken up the mantle of corruption reformer, The Washington Post pointed out in a Thursday feature, giving talks and writing a book about the scourge of dollars that corrupts the system. But now he and his fellow bloggers are going to be actively investigating that corruption on the regular. Their first targets: A secret Koch brothers "billionaires meeting," Bill Gates' praise of The Washington Post's Kaplan Unit, which it links to the Gates Foundation, and Amazon's anti-sales tax lobbying in South Carolina. Abramoff's only post so far is his personal introduction.

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