Fox News: Where the Love Is

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Apparently the "Fair and Balanced" news channel is run like one big family which, as anchor Shepard Smith knows, won't necessarily fly at your own workplace. Politico's Mike Allen examines "How Fox Has Stayed on Top", a report filled with the usual news and stats about the network. But what caught us by surprise was the genuine fondness Smith feels for network head Roger Ailes. As Allen writes:

“We have one dad in this family,” said Shepard Smith, a star anchor who was a correspondent in the Los Angeles bureau at launch. “He makes all the decisions, and you know exactly who you have to go to, and you know when to stop asking. If you get an answer from Mr. Ailes’s office, that’s the answer; it’s time to move on.”

Smith said that when he leaves Ailes’s office, “the last thing he asks me is, ‘What can I do for you?’ And the last thing he tells me is he loves me. That’s not going to work everywhere, and most people will hear that and go, ‘You are full of crap.’ That’s exactly how it is here, and I love it.”


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