After Lawsuit, the Huffington Post's Parenting Blog Gets a New Name

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Proving that  a news outlet can poach good journalists but not good blog names, The Huffington Post finally unveiled the new moniker for its parenting blog once called "Parentlode." It is, we learn today, now "Parentry." The newly renamed blog, run by ex-Timeswoman Lisa Belkin, was the focus of a lawsuit from The New York Times, which pointed out that the HuffPost blog name was awfully similar to that of Motherlode, the blog Belkin used to run for The Times

Belkin explained the new choice, made via naming contest: "[It's one] that called to mind things like ancestry (our debt to those who came before and our obligation to those who come after), carpentry (building them strong), archery (aiming straight, adjusting for the wind) with just a touch of pageantry (the grandest of life's experiences) mixed in."

Some casual Internet searching shows that to the best of Google's knowledge there's no existent parenting blog under that name -- though the domain name is registered and does appear to be a never-launched WordPress blog about, yep, parenting. But since it's only post is titled "Hello World!" we think HuffPost is safe.

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