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Having a television crew document the "biggest job interview of [your] young life" sounds absolutely horrifying at first, but it seems that if you do even halfway well, the prospective boss pretty much has to hire you or she looks like an insane person (or worse). Or at least that's what happened to Katherine Goldstein, now the Innovations Editor of Slate, when she interviewed with the namesake of a then-fledgling online news site called Huffington Post. Goldstein, recalling her days as a young editorial applicant at HuffPo (whose newsroom has been churning of late) writes for her current employer about meeting with Huffington in the back of a Town Car as the boss rode from the office to a luncheon while a CNBC camera crew looked on. "Every time I answered a question, the cameraman pushed the huge lens about a foot from my face. After 10 minutes of chatting, she’d made her decision. “'Katherine, you are fabulous. You’re hired!' She beamed at me, and she beamed at the camera." Of course she did. Arianna Huffington is not an insane person.

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