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The Huffington Post is losing its no. 1 editor, as Nico Pitney prepares to depart the company to be with his wife in California. Capital New York calls Pitney "one of Arianna Huffington's top lieutenants." Pitney didn't hold the top spot for very long, having replaced former managing editor Jai Singh in May 2011 when Singh left for Yahoo. Capital's Joe Pompeo reports: " Jimmy Soni, Huffington's 26-year-old chief-of-staff for the past six months, will step into his role." Huffington's memo to staff, which Pompeo posted in full, has this to say about Soni: "Born in Toulouse, France, and a graduate of Duke University, Jimmy is tri-lingual – French, Hindi, and English – an avid marathon (and barefoot!) runner, a swing dancer, and the author of a new book coming out this fall on Cato the Younger, a Roman Senator most famous for opposing Caesar."

Update (1:59 p.m.): Things look more tumultuous than previously expected at HuffPost Forbes's Jeff Bercovici spoke with HuffPost longtime chief technology officer Paul Berry will be leaving the company in March. This news is less of a surprise, since Berry stepped down from his day-to-day duties in November. "I'm continuing in my role as an advisor to The Huffington Post through February," Berry's spokesperson told Bercovici on Tuesday, "but I'll be leaving afterwards to focus on my own start-up."

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