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A company organizational chart revealed to a New York Times employee that the people who once reported to ex-CEO Janet Robinson now report directly to Michael Golden, Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s cousin who's rumored to be up for Robinson's job, according to Jim Romenesko. The staffer saw the organizational chart while accessing personnel information in the NYT portal: "Nearly every employee who reported to Janet in the chart, now has a solid line to Michael, who directly reports to Art, along with a few folks that were under Janet now realigned under Art, the editors and news staff that have always directly reported to him, and Janet with zero reporting employees as well." This kind of digital revelation is a little similar to the Times regional media sale reveal, in which a reader passed Jim Romenesko a screenshot of Halifax Media's property list that included all the Times papers. That was a total mistake that outed the sale early. From the letter to Romenesko Friday, it's a little hard to tell whether this CEO hint is a mistake or just a temporary measure while Sulzberger seeks out his next CEO.

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