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German police say that a fully functioning letter bomb was mailed to Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann in Frankfurt. The bomb was "operational" and could have exploded, but was intercepted during an x-ray scan in the bank's mail room and did not go off. No one has claimed responsibility.

The return address listed on the envelope was the European Central Bank, which is just two blocks away from Deutsche Bank offices and next to the park where the Occupy Frankfurt movement has set up its camp. The ECB's directors are meeting today to make a decision on European interest rates, while leaders from the European Union are holding a summit in Brussels to once again try find a solution to the ongoing euro debt crisis.  

Police in New York issued a security alert for the bank's office in Manhattan and warned other banks to be on the lookout for suspicious packages. In 1989, a previous chairman of Deutsche Bank, Alfred Herrhausen, was murdered by a roadside bomb while driving to work. No one was ever charged, but members of the leftist Red Army Faction have long been suspected.

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