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In a fairly odd Talent swap, NBC has signed Howard Stern to take Piers Morgan's place at the judging table for America's Got Talent. The network is even going to move the live competition part of the show to New York, where Stern's Sirius XM radio show is produced, so they must really want the country's leading purveyor of sexual innuendos in the morning involved. Stern, who is known for his toilet humor and has been fined for indecency, seems like a strange choice to fill the spot vacated by the relatively sober Morgan. But The New York Times' Brian Stelter points out he'll provide an "aura of unpredictability" to the show. He's already turned the gig into a radio stunt by signing the contract on the air. According to Stelter, "Mr. Morgan, who joined CNN last winter as the host of a prime time interview program, said he had decided to focus on that program, adding, 'juggling’s harder than it looks.' Mr. Stern will be juggling too, since he will be keeping his radio show."

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