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Some photo editor is having a really bad day at work, we're guessing, after accidentally illustrating a Guardian column on Canada with a joke Canadian flag bearing a pot leaf instead of the standard maple. Commenters on the story immediately started bemoaning the editor's likely fate, Regret the Error notes, especially because of the photo's coincidentally hilarious caption about Canada's "multicultural garden." Commenter kikithefrog writes: "Which was it, Guardian, an incredibly obscure commentary on the 'multicultural garden' metaphor to do with weeds choking the roses ... or will we be welcoming a new pictures editor tomorrow?" After The Guardian realized the error, a deputy editor gave an explanation in the comments: "The Cannabis leaf flag was labelled wrongly in our picture database as 'Canadian flag' and the rest is human error." Sky News's Neal Mann has been having fun with the story all morning, tweeting: "Good to see The Guardian have moved with the times and now make multimedia mistakes as well as spelling ones." There's been no word on that photo editor we and the commenters are worried about. Though on the whole the commenting Canadians didn't seem too bothered. "Truly the one thing that does bind us together in this country, is that we all like to smoke weed," wrote finnhooligan.

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