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The Moscow activists who protested the Russian elections in the streets of Moscow Tuesday did not do a good enough job of looking scary and violent, it seems, because Fox News cut its coverage of the protests with footage riot police and streets on fire -- in Athens. Animal New York's Marina Galperina spotted some suspicious palm trees looking awfully healthy for December in Russia. We looked through the video, too, and there is clear evidence Fox used scenes from Athens.

Fox News took down the video, but it survives at Yahoo:

First, the rather suspicious palm trees:

Second, the riot police don't look very Russian:

Close up, the riot shields don't appear to be written in Cyrillic. 

The second line looks like it has two lines of text, the second one being "police." Which is what Greek riot shields say:

(Photo via Associated Press.)

White helmets, solid uniforms. Unlike these uniforms -- black hats, cammo -- worn by Russian police Tuesday night in Moscow:

(Photo via Associated Press.)

Third, there's the phone booth in the fiery streets:

Fox offers a closeup of the destruction to a piece of public property meant to bring people together:

It looks just like the payphone in Athens, as captured by Silas Huff near the Athens Olympic stadium for the Payphone Project in 2009:

Moscow payphones aren't quite so cheery, as seen below. But at least their riots aren't so rioty.

(Photo via Andrew J Ferguson via Flickr.)

Update December 8, 12:17p.m.: Fox called to say that John Stack, vice-president of newsgathering, "confirmed that an error was made and that the video has since been removed and measures will be taken to prevent this from happening again."

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