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In a post about the rules surrounding e-mail access for prisoners, Dealbook reporter Peter Lattman flags a weird auto-reply from Michael Kimelman, a hedge fund trader who got caught up in Raj Rajaratnam's big insider trading scandal. Kimelman began his two and a half year sentence today, and e-mails to his account are now met with the reply:

This email address is currently at a re-education camp for the indeterminate future and will not be checked. Please try back once its lesson has been learned. Mike.

Eesh. An earlier Dealbook story on Kimelman notes that his wife has kept up some humor in the face of the jail sentence, so we imagine he too intends this to be a light-hearted characterization of his prison term, but it also probably reflects bitterness from someone who has maintained his innocence, and in that sense, it comes off as a little tone deaf. Americans, after all, aren't really feeling sympathetic to Wall Street types convicted of gaming the system, and they also tend not to appreciate their prison system being likened to a North Vietnam-like regime.

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