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Read It Later, a popular web app that allows users to save articles they find online for later perusal, mined their data to determine which writers for The New York Times are the most sought-after by readers. Coco Krumme and Mark Armstrong counted up the number of "saves" each Times writers' body of work accrued on the site from May to October of this year. So who stands at top at the Grey Lady? Big names on the paper's back page, starting with Paul Krugman and followed by David Brooks and Thomas Friedman -- are most popular. And after FiveThirtyEight Nate Silver, the paper's tech sections dominate with the No. 5 though 8 spots, being rounded out with other well-knowns like Maureen Dowd, Joe Nocera, and Brian Stelter. 

Tech-related content of course isn't just popular at The Times though. Krumme and Armstrong crunched numbers for authors all across the web and found that overall nearly every writer in the top 19 "most-saved" charted by the two worked at tech sites like Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Mashable, and Lifehacker, with the last owning nine of the top 10 spots. As The Times' David Carr (not on the list below) writes, "That makes sense, given that clicking-to-save is a techie sort of thing to do."

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