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News that Roger Ailes is shopping an autobiography around to publishers is leading to speculation that he may step down from his post as head of Fox News after the 2012 election. New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman speaks to several sources about the potential book, and outlines the reasons Ailes might step away: Ailes, 71, has told the Associated Press he might want to buy the Cleveland Indians, and his contract with Fox News expires in summer of 2013. As Sherman writes, "it would be difficult for Ailes to publish an unvarnished, tell-all autobiography while still running Fox News. How would the Fox talent or Rupert Murdoch feel if Ailes put into print what he really thinks about them?" Also, he's 71 years old! Do we really need another reason? Anyway, a shakeup at Fox News, where Sherman says there isn't an obviously pre-groomed successor, would make for fun media-gazing. Update: In an e-mail to The Atlantic Wire, a Fox news spokesperson responded: “There is one source with direct knowledge of Roger’s plans—and that’s Roger himself. Since Roger has never spoken to Gabe in his life, we continue to be fascinated with Gabe’s uncanny ability to read his mind.”

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