New York Times Sues Huffington Post Over Its Parentlode Blog

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The New York Times-Huffington Post media spat over Lisa Belkin's Parentlode blog just got legal after The Times filed a lawsuit against the news website. "In a lawsuit filed late Friday in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the Times said Huffington Post's 'Parentlode' blog had caused reader confusion with the newspaper's 3-year-old 'Motherlode' blog," Reuters reports. Parentlode was started on October 24 by Belkin, ex-Times writer who had launched the newspaper's Motherlode blog, after she was poached by the Huffington Post. After the blog's launch, The Times sent a cease-and-desist letter asking for a name change, which the Huffington Post promptly ignored. The newspaper argues in its filing that the common suffix between the two blogs' names is "clearly intended" to have readers unfairly associate the two parenting blogs, according to Reuters.

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