Groupon Is Actually, Really Going to Have an IPO on Friday

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For a moment there, it looked like Groupon was never going to get its IPO act together, but the daily deals site is finally scheduling it for Friday. Sources close to the deal told AllThingsD's Kara Swisher that Groupon will set its price tomorrow and if all goes as scheduled, will officially become a publicly traded company come Friday. After putting off going public for almost two months, the daily deals site took its company on the road in mid-October. The company had planned to go public around Labor Day, announcing a humongo, hard-to-believe $750 million initial public offering. A summer of skepticism and a shaky market pushed Groupon's plans off for months. The company has also lost quite a big of value since then. It's not exactly going to get that big IPO it always dreamed of, seeking something closer to $12 billion. But at least it made it. 

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