Are You Ready for the Groupon IPO?

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Get ready for another of tech hysteria after Groupon hits the NASDAQ later this morning. The latest online juggernaut hits the market at $20 a share today and no one seems to know where it could go from there, but if history is guide, panic is sure to follow.

Despite all the concerns about Groupon's internal struggles and the viability of its actual business model, investors will certainly jump on the stock early, if for no other reason than to try and cash in on the initial pop. That when the "bubble!" talk starts, but like the IPO darling of the summer, LinkedIn, there's sure to be a rocky post-honeymoon phase when the stock price settles back down to earth. Then begins the handwringing phase, as everybody wonders how we all got it all wrong and didn't see the signs (that we actually did see, of course.)

Of course, you can't judge a bubble by one company and as long as we can buy hamburgers at 50% Groupon will always have customers. The stock will raise about $700 million today, so just ignore the talk today and enjoy your discounts. If you're one of the few who is lucky enough to make some money, today then enjoy that too, but be sure tip well from now on. 

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