Trimming the Times: Modernizing the Taliban and Emily Post

A guide to what's in The New York Times for those worried about hitting its pay wall

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Now that The New York Times pay wall is live, you only get 20 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count.

The home page leads with a report from Afghanistan, where the Taliban has been using modern techniques like obstructing cell phone signals to exert control. Also high on the page: News from America's bread basket, where lots of people are unemployed but farmers can't get them to come work the fields. Our top pick comes from the Arts section, where Emily Post and Dale Carnegie have gotten updates for our online world.

World: Check out the fascinating story of how teachers are coaxing students back to school in post-revolution Libya, and how students and staff are adjusting to the nation's new climate. And in another report from an Arab Spring participant, everybody in Egypt, including the military leaders, seems to be confused about the schedule for transferring power to a civilian government. Also, check out the report from Britain, where the government is tightening anti-squatting laws as more homeless try to move into more derelict homes.

U.S.: If you're not tired of hearing about Amanda Knox, the feature on the sometimes private, sometimes very public fight over the American student's image both in Europe and here at home, is quite well done. The Supreme Court story on an Alabama death row inmate who was the victim of some very unfortunate circumstances is also worth a read, though it's frustrating to hear about.

Business / Technology: The lead business story carries a scary headline about an imminent European recession, but it's worth a click because it ties together a lot of the dismal economic news coming out of Europe right now (such as the unpleasantness in Greece). The tech news is all iPhone stuff from Tuesday, which we assume you've read, but you may have missed the story on Samsung looking to block the phone's sale in Europe.

Sports: The real meaty stories this Wednesday are the heavily weighted game stories from the MLB playoffs, where the Yankees trounced the Tigers in Detroit, and the Diamondbacks smeared the Brewers in Phoenix.

Opinion: In the lead op-ed, film professor Peter Decherney argues that federal laws restricting what works are in the public domain are seriously impinging on the creativity and competitiveness of filmmakers.

Arts: The story to read here is from the books section, where two classic etiquette guides have been updated to address behavior online and other modern twists.

Dining and Wine: As we count down to Sam Sifton's final review next week, check out his penultimate decree, a two-star visit to the rustic-modern Tertulia, which he likens to "Game of Thrones in J. Crew and Uniqlo." And since there can never be enough said about high-end cheese, we welcome the lengthy and insightful feature on the topic, with heavy input from the folks at Murray's Cheese Shop.

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