Pick Your Favorite Steve Jobs Magazine Cover

The arbiters of visualizing cultural moments has spoken, err, published. What do you think?

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This week, Steve Jobs died. The outpouring of emotion, the torrent of commentary and the myriad tributes have been both inspired and overwhelming, at times. Every time something big happens in the world, a certain set of people raise their eyebrows in anticipation for arbiters of the culture to offer their takes. Yes, there are the newspaper columnists, the television pundits and the voices of reason--politicians and luminaries and stuff--but nothing provides a snapshot of a historical moment quite like a magazine cover. We'll add fresh covers to this post as they're released. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite!

*This was Wired.com's homepage after news of Steve Jobs's death, but people seemed to love it nevertheless so we're giving it an honorable mention among the ink-and-tree crowd. Five bucks says they put him on the front of their November issue.
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