Matt Drudge Pays Cash for His Second Million-Dollar Pad

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Apparently aggregation is quite lucrative for Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report fame, who just paid cash for a $1.45 million house in Miami. This is actually the second million-ish house Drudge owns in the area, reports The Miami Herald. "Drudge also owns a $1.4 million crib off the Venetian Causeway in Miami Beach. He bought it in 2003," writes the Herald. The Herald describes the new 6400 square foot crib as "Safari Like," with lush forests and soothing waterfall in the master bathroom, this video that Gawker unearthed only confirms that description, jungle music and all. Assuming this is really his place. As Gawker commenter Tragic Apostrophe pointed out, it is missing some Drudge-esque touches. "I don't believe it, there is not a single nubile young man in what he is claiming is a swimming suit by that pool, there is no way that is his house," he writes. 

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