Hulu Decides It's Not for Sale After All

Disney, News Corp. issued a statement saying that the streaming service wouldn't be sold

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Disney, News Corp. and the powers that control Hulu have issued a statement on Thursday saying that for now it isn't considering any potential offers for the Netflix-competitor. "Our focus now rests solely on ensuring that our efforts as owners contribute in a meaningful way to the exciting future that lies ahead for Hulu," went the press release via the Los Angeles Times. So all the rumors and reports this summer about the likes of Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and even Apple snapping up the Hulu for a price tag that Bloomberg News estimated at $2 billion seem to be put to rest for now. Among other reasons, The Wrap's Sharon Waxman zeroed in on why offers may not have been appealing: "it quickly became clear that any prospective buyer would want guarantees of continued access to the content of NBC, Universal, Fox and Disney. That immediately complicated the sale process." Waxman's sources told her that "as the bids became more complicated and Hulu continued to drive growth, [it] encourag[ed] the owners to stick with it."

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