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Groupon is having a hell of a time trying to go public. After a banner initial valuation of $30 billion, it lost about two thirds of that over the summer and fall while going through management shakeups. Then there was that long series of burns by Andrew Ross Sorkin in Monday's New York Times. But though rumors swirled in September that the company planned to call off its initial public offering and had already canceled its road show, All Things D reports on Tuesday that that's not the case. In fact, writes Kara Swisher, Groupon is taking its IPO on the road next week to pitch the business to potential shareholders, which "might be an indication that its finances have improved in its recent quarter." It lost $102.7 million on revenue of $878 million last quarter. Swisher notes the company had been putting off its IPO during the stock market's recent turbulence, but it's expected to go ahead on the Nasdaq shortly after the road show is complete.

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