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What with the tumult at News Corp. recently, its understandable that Rupert and James Murdoch are experiencing a father-son rift, The New York Times is reporting. The tension between the media mogul and his heir got so bad over the direction of the company that the term rift appears to a bit of an understatement:

The tension grew worse as the gap between the New York headquarters and James’s London operations, where he oversees the company’s European and Asian holdings, proved difficult to bridge.

The elder Mr. Murdoch reached his boiling point last winter, said one of the former officials, and delivered a blunt ultimatum to his son. "You’re coming back to New York, or you’re out." The son consented.

But when James does eventually relocate from the London operations back to the New York headquarters, he won't be situated in the 8th floor executive office he previously used, the Times informs. "His new office, which he plans to occupy more regularly by the end of the year, will be a couple of doors down from his father." Which means he'll presumably seeing much more of dad very shortly. 

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