Conor Friedersdorf, a staff writer at The Atlantic, was surprised to see a line he had written resurface on a protest sign and chanted by complete strangers at an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. In this video by John Grace, you can see a crowd chanting the line in unison:

It's wrong to create a mortgage-backed security filled with loans you know are going to fail so that you can sell it to a client who isn't aware that you sabotaged it by intentionally picking the misleadingly rated loans most likely to be defaulted upon ...

He traces his words from to Times Square and back in "How Occupy Wall Street Is Like the Internet":

My words on a sign in New York City, where they were photographed by Ben Furnas, who I bizarrely happen to know, and who presumably didn't know I was their author; he posted the image on his Twitter feed, where it was discovered by Xeni Jardin, a writer at BoingBoing, who then posted the photographunder the headline "#OccupyWallStreet Sign of the Day: It's Wrong." 

But I didn't see it on Ben's Twitter feed, though I follow him, or on BoingBoing, though I'm a regular reader. I'd have missed it entirely but for one of my Twitter followers, who wrote, "@conor64 Did you see that a quote from your article made it onto a protest sign?"

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For more videos by John Grace, visit his Vimeo channel.

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