Need Someone to Protest Against Your Union? There's a Union for That!

So bigger fleas have little fleas

Upon their backs to bite 'em
And little fleas have lesser fleas
And so, ad infinitum

A fascinating study in modern industrial organization:

If you want a good measure of how deeply the collective bargaining bill in Wisconsin has disrupted public sector unions, there is no better example than the Wisconsins Education Association Council (WEAC).

Last month WEAC announced that it was laying off 40% of its staff. With little over which to collectively bargain, and with dues no longer withheld from paychecks, the need for and sustainability of a union bureaucracy could not be justified.

Now WEAC is being boycotted by National Staff Organization (NSO), a union representing educational union employees.

It's like the fellow I once met who was a consultant, helping other people to set up consultancies.  Or the bankers who specialize in holding money for other bankers.  We're a specialist society.