Mexican Magazine Reveals Arthur Sulzberger's (Maybe) Glamorous Love

Quién reports he's seeing Claudia González, a beautiful philanthropist living in Geneva

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New York Times chair Arthur Ochs Sulzberger's glamorous Mexican lover has been revealed by the semi-reputable Mexican magazine Quién. She is the jet-setting philanthropist Claudia González, and when the two "met in Mexico and it was love at first sight," the magazine says, according to Capital New York's Joe PompeoQuién has photos of Sulzberger and González dining together and hiking on a scenic mountaintop.

But Quién's story is not entirely reliable -- it claimed the they met during a New Year's visit with Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world who bailed out the Times in 2009 and now owns a 7 percent share in the newspaper company. But Pompeo says that timing isn't right, pointing to photos of the Sulzberger and González in the West Bank last fall.

Because it's unclear when they met, it's fun to imagine the power couple got together via a more banal medium like OK Cupid. If González had an online dating profile, it might look like this:

Name: Claudia González
Age: 40
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Hot or Not: Hot
Residence: Geneva
Education: The London School of Economics
Resume: marketing director of a Geneva-based AIDS charity; formerly head of marketing for the World Economic Forum in Davos; a "fixture in the international philanthropic and Big Ideas jetset," Pompeo says.
Famous associate: her sister, Mexican actress Celia Romo
Likes: "a passion for journalism and altruistic events," Quién reports.
Dislikes: Unknown. Probably too glamorous to dislike unpleasant things; she simply fails to notice them.
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