Goldman Sachs Mulling Layoffs, Smaller Drinking Cups

The bank is serious about implementing it's $1.2 billion dollar cost-cutting measures

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Goldman Sachs is serious about tightening its Salvatore Feragamo belt. The New York Times DealBook is reporting that the Wall Street bank wants to "wring out $1.2 billion in costs from its operations by mid-2012 and cut roughly 1,000 jobs" by next year. And also reduce employee pay. Which are all by no means small measures. But, as Daily Intel's Noreen Malone noticed, it looks like the austerity cuts are even affecting the New York office's amenities. Everyone is going to have to adjust their routine to smaller coffee cups and cashless cafeterias:

Goldman Sachs recently downsized the drinking cups in its New York headquarters to 10 ounces from 12 ounces, saving thousands of dollars. It has also gone mostly cashless in the cafeteria and other areas, eliminating the need to pay armored truck companies to haul away the money.

On second glance, smaller drinking cups might be a good thing for people who tend to guzzle coffee in the mornings. And, if you're working at Goldman Sachs, you probably already put most items on your credit card anyway. But those job cuts, those look worrisome.

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