A Former TechCrunch Writer Is Taking Arrington's Money to Vegas

Paul Carr quit his TechCrunch job with great fanfare and is now starting a new company

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Paul Carr hinted at a project in the works public resignation letter from his job writing for TechCrunch in the wake of the Mike Arrington conflict-of-interest scandal, and on Friday, he revealed a few details on his personal blog:

I'm starting a new company, with financial backing from Tony Hsieh (Zappos, Delivering Happiness) and Michael Arrington's CrunchFund. We're not ready to say too much about the specifics right now but--spoiler alert!--it will directly address an issue I've written passionately about for both TechCrunch and the Guardian. … The company will be based in Las Vegas, in support of Tony's "Downtown Project" which aims to attract innovative and creative companies to downtown LV.

Carr didn't reveal many more details about the new venture, though he did cheer the fact that some of AOL's money will help fund it. An anonymous source told Henry Blodget that the company "will focus on a specific problem at the intersection of technology and media." Who knows if it will be a new blog or how much Arrington will be involved, but we can't help smile at Carr's well wishes from his former boss: "Paul has managed to be successful at failing in almost everything he's done professionally. It is my sincere hope that his experience, his passion, or just dumb luck will lead him to fail to fail this time."

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