What New York Times Staffers See on Their Way to the Bathroom

Pentagram has posted a collection of signs they designed for the newsroom

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The New York Times is very proud of its building, with its dramatic lighting and unique facade. But the designer details don't stop once you walk inside. As Poynter notes, the design firm Pentagram provided signage for every room in the office, which was recently featured in the documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times. During the documentary, the signs made repeated cameos, which Pentagram has rounded up for its own little feature, along with some insight into the intention behind them: "Early in the design process, the designers and their clients at the newspaper decided to reinforce the unique Times culture through as many details as possible. As a result, every bathroom sign, every back-of-house sign, every public room sign bears a different image culled from the paper’s immense photographic archive." That includes the bathrooms.

The whole collection can be viewed over at Pentagram.

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